ShivAdya`s Story

Neelam & Ritesh

Aadya & Shivansh

The Family

ShivAdya Resort & Spa is based on one man’s passion, hard work , dedication towards mountains, his idea of making Himachal Pradesh and its culture alive forever. ShivAdya is an experience for those who love mountains, nature and green fields. Those who are not in hurry and wish to spend great time with family & friends. ShivAdya is located in Kullu valley with Dhauladhar mountain range and Pir Panjal Mountains running parallel to each other. Let us tell you the story behind ShivAdya, while working in travel sector; this Himachali guy (Ritesh Sood) from Kullu carried his love for his home state. Sitting in an office in Delhi, planning Himachal Pradesh as tourist destination for his guests, he yearned to go back to his roots. That experience not just prepared Ritesh to start something on his own but also solidified his vision to make Himachal Pradesh as the first destination when people think of a nature holiday. Moving back to Manali with his family, working in travel industry over two decades, he looked around and studied the accommodation options in surrounding areas and found all of them lacking in one thing, “Character” which can truly reflect Himchal Pradesh to its fullest and purest form. He decided to create something that gives utmost comfort to the visitors but also stays true to Himachali heritage. That day came after working in travel trade for 17 long and fruitful years. So began the planning and creation of a handcrafted masterpiece that is both an example of Himachali ethos as well a man’s passion to give it back to his homeland. A hard labour of two and half years created ShivAdya. There is so much passion involved in shaping ShivAdya that Ritesh & Neelam love to call it their third baby. Shivansh their son and Aadya their daughter, this passion was aptly name “ShivAdya” ShivAdya's concept & hospitality is being apprecaited all over and in its 2 years of service has received Travellers Choice Award 2018 & 19, Certificate of Excellence 2019 from Tripadvisor and is ranked as No 5 among Top 25 Small Hoels in India on Tripadvisor.

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