Taala Restaurant

Welcome to Taala, a multicuisine restaurant serving Indian, Chinese, Continental, Tandoori & Himachali dishes. As a concept the restaurant does not have any menu and food is prepared after a discussion with the guest taking into account his likes & dis-likes. We have a team of the best chefs. The chefs of the restaurant make sure that you completely enjoy all your food or tea sessions to the fullest. The local cuisine served is another specialty of Taala. The restaurant was inspired by the traditional Kath Khuni houses of Himachal and was built on similar concepts.

and yes, we can also teach you to cook local ‘Himachali’ dishes: Food is an integral part of any local culture and what better way to soak up a region’s cultural ethos than indulging in its traditional cuisine. At ShivAdya we went a step ahead and planned up traditional cooking classes for the guests, with Mrs. Sood herself donning the head chef’s hat and leading the kitchen staff. The result of this fun-filled cooking session would be a dinner table laden with traditional Himachali dishes – Chana Madra (black chickpea and curd based dish), Khatta (tangy side dish made with gram flour), Kullu Trout fillets, and Sidu (a bread item made of wheat flour treated with yeast) to name a few. Come, learn and eat at Taala.

Agni Restaurant - Agni is a garden restaurant providing option for morning sunny breakfasts, leisurely lunch in warm winter sun, evening bonfire & barbeque.

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